Discover the Comfort of Air Peace Flight from Lagos to Abuja (2023)

Air Peace Flight from Lagos to Abuja

Air Peace is a prominent Nigerian airline that offers domestic and international flights from Lagos to Abuja. Established in 2014, the company has gained notoriety for its safe and efficient service. This article will examine the experience of taking an Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the journey.

The route between these two cities is well-traveled due to business trips and leisure travelers alike, making it one of the most popular routes in Nigeria. Every day, dozens of planes take off or land at either airport, providing individuals with transportation options across the country. Despite this high volume of traffic, Air Peace continues to provide quality services on their flights in terms of comfortability, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

Air Peace’s dedication to excellence makes them stand out amongst other airlines operating within Nigeria. By utilizing modern technology and reliable staff members, they have created a pleasant flying experience for passengers travelling from Lagos to Abuja. The remainder of this article will evaluate how this translates into tangible benefits for customers seeking travel between these two cities.


Overview Of Air Peace Airlines

Air Peace Airlines is one of the leading airlines in Nigeria, offering flights to several destinations including Lagos and Abuja. Established in 2013 with a single aircraft, Air Peace has grown into an impressive network of more than 30 planes flying to over 20 cities in Nigeria, as well as international destinations such as Dubai and Johannesburg.

The airline’s commitment to excellent customer service is reflected in its continuous investment in new technologies and fleet upgrades. For example, it recently acquired three brand-new Boeing 777 jets that offer passengers superior comfort during long-haul journeys.

As such, travelers who choose Air Peace can expect reliable transportation and exceptional hospitality throughout their journey. With its fares amongst the most competitive on the Nigerian market, Air Peace provides customers with both quality and value for money – a winning combination!

Transitioning into subsequent section: Moving on from this overview of Air Peace Airlines, let us take a closer look at flight schedules and ticket prices available for Lagos to Abuja routes.

Flight Schedules And Ticket Air Peace Prices

Air Peace Airlines offers flights from Lagos to Abuja five times a day. The flight time is roughly one hour and fifteen minutes for this route. Passengers can book tickets at the airport or on AirPeace’s website, with prices starting at ₦27,000 for economy class seats and up to ₦47,000 for business class seats. All passengers are allowed 35kg of checked luggage free of charge regardless of their seat type. Baggage exceeding that weight will incur additional fees per kg according to AirPeace’s terms and conditions. Additionally all other charges such as taxes and surcharges, where applicable, must be paid in full prior to departure.

Passenger amenities on the Lagos to Abuja route include complimentary snacks and drinks served during the flight as well as onboard entertainment options like movies and music available through individual overhead screens or personal devices connected via Wi-Fi. In addition, Airpeace also provides comfortable seating with ample legroom depending on the ticket class purchased.

Passenger Amenities On The Lagos To Abuja Route

For passengers looking to travel the Lagos to Abuja route, Air Peace has an array of amenities that help make the flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Onboard services include a wide selection of meals and drinks from well-known Nigerian restaurants as well as snacks for in-flight entertainment. Passengers can also access complimentary Wi-Fi on board so they can stay connected with friends and family or surf the web during their journey.

In addition, all flights come equipped with adjustable seating for maximum comfort, individual air conditioning controls and ample legroom throughout each cabin. For travelers requiring extra assistance during their trip, Air Peace provides wheelchair accessible facilities at departure gates, onboard aircrafts and upon arrival at both airports. With these features in place, it’s easy to see why many people choose Air Peace when flying between Lagos and Abuja.

The next section will provide insight into airport facilities available in Lagos and Abuja to further enhance the passenger experience on this route.

Airport Facilities In Lagos And Abuja

Air transportation requires travelers to pass through the airport, which is why understanding available facilities in Lagos and Abuja is important.

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos provides a range of services for passengers:

  • Before take-off:
  • Shopping outlets for souvenirs and gifts
  • Money exchange desks
  • Duty free shops
  • After landing:
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • A range of transport options including taxis, buses, shuttles or private hire vehicles

At the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) in Abuja, passengers can expect similar amenities as MMIA such as duty free stores, restaurants and money exchange desks. Additionally, there are car rental companies within NAIA should travelers wish to explore the city. An enjoyable experience awaits all those who fly into either of these airports. With both airports providing various facilities that cater to different needs, traveling on an Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja will be convenient and comfortable.

Check-In Procedures

Passengers on Air Peace flights from Lagos to Abuja are required to check in at least two hours before the departure time. Like a beehive, the atmosphere of the airport is abuzz with travelers who have come for their flight. The passengers can proceed directly to the airline desks where they will receive prompt attention and assistance from staff members.

The first step is to present valid identification documents such as passports or driver’s license at the counter. Afterward, boarding passes and baggage tags are issued for each passenger based on the number of bags that need to be checked-in. Finally, after going through security clearance, passengers may proceed towards their respective gates for further pre-flight procedures.

Once all these steps have been completed successfully, passengers can then move onto the next stage which involves getting familiar with baggage allowance information regarding their journey.

Baggage Allowance Information

The check-in process for an Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja is now complete. This section will provide information about the airline’s baggage allowance policy and fees associated with overweight or excess bags.

Hand Baggage10 kgN/A
Checked Baggage20kgOverweight – ₦1000
Excess BaggageN/AFirst Bag – ₦3000
Per Additional 5 KG IncrementN/ASubsequent Bags -₦2000

Air Peace’s baggage allowance permits a maximum of two pieces of hand luggage, not exceeding 7 kilograms each. A fixed fee of 1000 naira is charged for any checked bag that exceeds the 20 kilogram limit per piece. For additional items beyond the allowed number, the first extra suitcase incurs a fee of 3000 naira and subsequent suitcases incur a 2000 naira charge for every five kilograms increment.

With this overview on baggage allowances and applicable charges, passengers can plan accordingly when packing their belongings for travel. Next up in this series is an explanation of some in-flight services and entertainment options available during Air Peace flights between Lagos and Abuja.

In-Flight Services And Entertainment Options

Air Peace offers a variety of in-flight services and entertainment options to ensure passengers enjoy their flight from Lagos to Abuja. Passengers can take advantage of the following amenities:

  • Free Wi-Fi access for an uninterrupted connection during the journey
  • An extensive library of movies, TV shows, music and magazines available on Air Peace’s personal device streaming service
  • A selection of newspapers and magazines for passengers who prefer print media
    The airline also offers complimentary snacks and drinks throughout the flight. Additionally, staff is available to tend to passenger needs upon request. With these features combined together, it is easy to see why many customers choose Air Peace as their preferred carrier when traveling between Lagos and Abuja. Moving forward, this section will discuss the in-flight food and beverage options available on board.

In-Flight Food And Beverage Options

Air Peace Airlines provides a variety of in-flight food and beverage options for passengers flying from Lagos to Abuja. Passengers have the choice between light snacks, such as sandwiches, muffins, and fruits, or more substantial meals like noodles and rice dishes. Beverages on offer include sodas, juices, teas, and coffees.

All items are freshly prepared by professional chefs before being served onboard the flight. In addition to regular meal times during the flights, there is also an option to pre-order meals according to individual dietary requirements prior to departure.

Air Peace Airlines aims to provide high quality culinary experiences that exceed expectations throughout their journey. The airline offers courteous hospitality services combined with delicious meals so that passengers can enjoy a comfortable experience while traveling from Lagos to Abuja. With this level of service available to travelers, Air Peace strives to make long distance travel a pleasant experience for all its customers.

Tips For Stress-Free Travel On The Lagos To Abuja Route

Traveling from the bustling city of Lagos to the capital city of Abuja can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, there are several steps that travelers should take in order to ensure a stress-free journey. Planning ahead is key for making sure all aspects of the trip are taken care of before leaving home.

For example, it’s advisable to book tickets at least one week in advance to avoid any last minute surprises. Additionally, packing light will help reduce wait times and make getting on and off flights smoother. Packing essentials such as snacks, entertainment options like books or music players, comfortable clothing, and a neck pillow can also make life easier while en route.

It’s also important to double check information such as flight numbers and departure times prior to arriving at the airport so that no time is wasted when trying to locate gates or boarding areas. With these tips in mind, travelers can rest assured they’ll be ready for their journey from Lagos to Abuja with minimal hassle. Knowing what travel insurance options are available may also provide peace of mind during this process.

Travel Insurance Options

Travel insurance is a highly recommended option for travelers. It not only provides financial protection in case of unfortunate incidents, but also peace of mind. The most important coverage to look for when purchasing travel insurance is medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

These cover the cost of transporting you back home or to a nearby hospital if needed due to illness or an injury while traveling. Other types of coverage can include lost luggage, trip cancellation/interruption, accidental death and dismemberment, natural disasters and more.

Depending on the destination and length of stay, travelers may choose from single-trip policies that provide coverage just during one trip or multi-trip policies that offer coverage throughout multiple trips within a certain time period.

When selecting travel insurance, be sure to read all policy details carefully as there are often exclusions based on age and activities planned during the trip such as extreme sports like skydiving. Additionally, it’s important to ensure your policy covers COVID-19 related issues including quarantine costs should unexpected circumstances arise at any point before, during or after your journey.

With these considerations in mind, travelers now have access to reliable travel insurance options that will help make their journeys smoother and worry free. This allows them to focus on enjoying every moment along their path with confidence knowing they’re protected by comprehensive safety nets both financially and medically in case something goes wrong.

With this assurance in place, attention turns next towards assessing the safety record of Air Peace flights from Lagos to Abuja – a crucial factor when deciding which airline carrier best suits a traveler’s needs.

Safety Record Of Air Peace Flights From Lagos To Abuja

The safety record of Air Peace flights from Lagos to Abuja is a source of reassurance for passengers. Like an umbrella shielding them from the harshest elements, it acts as a comfort and security blanket that helps travelers feel safe in their journey. To this end, Air Peace has taken several steps to ensure its flight operations are conducted safely and securely.

The airline operates according to international aviation standards set by global organizations such as IATA and FAA, ensuring that all aircrafts used meet stringent criteria for airworthiness. Furthermore, Air Peace’s pilots undergo regular training programs to stay up-to-date on best practices related to air navigation and operation procedures.

All these efforts have resulted in a positive track record; over the past 10 years there have been no major accidents or incidents reported related to Air Peace flights from Lagos to Abuja.

This strong safety record provides customers with peace of mind when boarding an Air Peace flight out of either airport destination. As further evidence of customer satisfaction regarding the reliable nature of these trips, many people give reviews about their experiences flying with the carrier – something we will explore next.

Customer Reviews Of Air Peace Service

Air Peace is a popular airliner in Nigeria, providing passengers with flight services from Lagos to Abuja. Reviews of its service have been mostly positive. Passengers commended the airline for its comfortable seats, friendly staff, and punctuality.

Air Peace also offers competitive fares which are affordable and thus attractive to customers. The food provided on board was reported as good quality by many satisfied travellers.

Overall, customer reviews of Air Peace’s service were generally favourable. With consistent performance across flights and low fare prices, this airline appears to be an ideal choice for travel between Lagos and Abuja.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about advantages of flying with Air Peace over other airlines, it is clear that reliable performance and affordability make Air Peace an attractive option for air travel within Nigeria.

Advantages Of Flying With Air Peace Over Other Airlines

Air Peace offers several advantages over other airline options when travelling from Lagos to Abuja. The first advantage is the cost-effective fares Air Peace provides its passengers with. With competitive prices, travelers can enjoy a comfortable journey at an affordable price. Additionally, Air Peace has convenient flight times that enable passengers to choose flights according to their individual schedules and needs.

Cost-Effective FaresConvenient Flight TimesOnboard Entertainment
Comfortable JourneysFlexible Booking Policies for Last Minute ChangesOnline Check In
Punctual FlightsBusiness Class Upgrade Options for Maximum Comfort
Baggage AllowanceLoyalty Programs Offering Benefits and Rewards

Furthermore, Air Peace’s onboard entertainment allows travellers to select from various movies and TV shows in order to make the most of their journey time. Moreover, flexible booking policies provide customers with last minute changes if needed while online check-in option helps save valuable time upon arrival at the airport.

Finally, loyalty programs offer benefits such as baggage allowance and business class upgrades which further serve to enhance passengers’ comfort levels during their trip.

Transitioning into the next section about what to do in Abuja after landing: After arriving in Abuja via Air Peace, there are plenty of activities available for visitors looking to explore this vibrant city.

What To Do In Abuja After Landing

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is known for its cultural attractions and vibrant nightlife. With a population of over 6 million people, it is one of the most populous cities in Africa. There are many activities available to visitors after they land in Abuja, ranging from sightseeing to shopping.

The city has an array of museums that showcase Nigerian culture and history including The National Museum, which houses art collections, archaeological artifacts and historical documents; The Millennium Park located along the River Niger; and Zuma Rock, a large monolith said to be home to ancient gods.

Visitors can also explore local markets where traditional crafts such as pottery and wood carving can be found. Shopping malls like Silverbird Galleria offer modern amenities such as restaurants, movie theatres and stores selling international brands.

For those looking for entertainment options there are several nightclubs offering live music performances or discos with DJs spinning popular hits. Additionally, parks like Magic Land provide theme park rides and other fun activities for families with children.

With so much to do in Abuja, travelers will find plenty of exciting ways to fill their time during their stay in this beautiful city.

Accommodation Options For Visitors To Abuja

When traveling to Abuja, visitors have a wide range of accommodation options available. Hotels are one type of accommodation option that travelers can choose from. There are many international and local hotels located in the city with various prices ranges, amenities, services, and locations. Depending on what is desired out of their stay, visitors can research these different hotel options until they find the best fit for them.

Additionally, serviced apartments provide an alternative form of lodging. These offer more space than traditional hotels while allowing travelers to experience residential living in Abuja during their visit. Like hotels, there are several apartment offerings at various price points throughout the city that cater to a variety of needs and preferences.

Furthermore, some serviced apartments also include additional benefits such as concierge services or fitness centers which may be attractive to certain guests.

Considering all of these factors will allow visitors to make an informed decision about where they would like to stay during their trip to Abuja. With so much variation available in terms of location, cost, amenities, and services offered by both hotel and apartment accommodations alike; travelers should feel confident that they can find suitable lodging no matter their individual requirements or budget constraints.


Q: Can I book my Lagos to Abuja flight online?

A: Yes, you can book your Air Peace flight from Lagos to Abuja online through the Air Peace website or mobile app.

Q: What is the flight time from Lagos to Abuja?

A: The flight time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Q: What is the baggage allowance for Lagos to Abuja flights?

A: Passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one checked bag, with a maximum weight limit of 23kg (50lbs) per bag. Additional fees may apply for excess baggage.

Q: What in-flight services are provided on Lagos to Abuja flights?

A: Air Peace provides complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as in-flight entertainment systems for passenger enjoyment.


Air Peace offers a convenient and affordable way to travel from Lagos to Abuja. With daily flights, competitive fares, and comfortable in-flight services, Air Peace is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers. Book your Lagos to Abuja flight with Air Peace today and experience hassle-free travel like never before!


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