Broward College Bachelor Degrees: A Comprehensive Guide

Broward College Bachelor Degrees 2023 Guide

Broward College Bachelor Degrees

Broward College offers a variety of bachelor degrees to students. These degree programs provide an opportunity for individuals to obtain knowledge and skills that are applicable in the professional world. Students who pursue these degrees gain access to career opportunities, as well as personal growth and development. This article will discuss the various types of bachelor degrees available at Broward College, their benefits, and how they can help unlock potentials within individuals.

The range of bachelor degrees offered by broward college coursese includes areas such as business administration, computer engineering technology, criminal justice, psychology, sociology and more. Each program provides different courses relevant to one’s chosen field of study. Many also offer internships or other experiential learning experiences which allows students to learn about what it is like working in a particular industry before graduating from college. Additionally, many of these degree programs come with additional certifications or qualifications which may be beneficial when searching for employment after graduation.

Students enrolled in any of Broward College’s bachelor degree programs have the advantage of being able to use the resources provided by the college while studying. The school’s library has numerous materials related to each subject area covered by its degree programs; faculty members are always available for guidance and support; there are plenty of activities on campus designed to engage students throughout their studies; and alumni networks offer further assistance once students graduate from their respective programs. All these features combined make Broward College an ideal platform where individuals can acquire necessary education and develop holistically both professionally and personally.


Overview Of Programs

Broward College offers more than 50 bachelor’s degree programs, with a range of areas to choose from. With over 8,000 students enrolled in these undergraduate degrees across the institution’s four campus locations and online format, there is an abundance of opportunities for those looking to further their education.

Additionally, Broward College continues to update its program offerings by introducing new courses on an ongoing basis. This enables students to gain access to cutting-edge knowledge that can help them become well-rounded individuals and professionals upon graduation.

The college also has many specialized academic tracks available for students who wish to focus on specific topics such as business administration or healthcare management. In addition, the school provides resources for career guidance so that students may make informed decisions about their future goals.

Through this combination of diverse program options and individualized advisement services, Broward College empowers its student body with the tools necessary for success post-graduation. From here, it is time to consider tuition costs associated with obtaining one of these coveted bachelor’s degrees.

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs at Broward College vary depending on the type of degree program a student is pursuing. For Associate degrees, tuition and fees cost $3,210 per semester for in-state students and $11,979 for out-of-state students. Bachelor’s degrees range between $4,622 per semester to $14,360 for out-of-state students.

Tuition includes access to library services as well as technology resources such as computers and software applications. Additionally, there are various other fees associated with attending college which can increase total costs each semester. These include parking permits and health insurance premiums for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half time.

In order to help alleviate some of these expenses, Broward College offers financial aid opportunities such as grants, loans, scholarships, work study programs and more.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Enrolling in college can often feel like a daunting task, but with the right financial aid opportunities available to students at Broward College, it doesn’t have to be. From scholarships and grants to student loans, there are numerous ways for individuals to receive funding for their college education. Scholarships and grants are awarded based on need or merit, while student loans must be repaid after graduation.

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping all students find the best financial aid solutions that meet their individual needs. They provide guidance and resources regarding loan options, scholarship search engines, information about state and federal grants, as well as other forms of assistance such as work-study programs and military benefits.

In addition, they offer seminars throughout the year to help educate students on budgeting and money management skills. With these helpful tools in hand, students can confidently venture into higher education knowing they have access to the support they need when selecting an affordable financing option.

Admissions requirements are just one important factor that should be considered when making an informed decision about attending Broward College – understanding what funding sources are available is equally vital.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to Broward College requires a high school diploma or equivalent. The college also offers an admissions assessment for those without a high school diploma or its equivalency, such as the GED test. To be eligible for admission, applicants must:

  • Meet one of the following requirements:
    • Hold a valid high school diploma from an accredited institution;
    • Have completed a home schooling program certified by the local school district; or
    • Provide evidence of passing scores on the General Education Development (GED) Test.
  • Submit official transcripts from all prior institutions attended and/or submit documentation verifying completion of homeschooling curriculum approved by Florida Department of Education.
  • Pay applicable fees associated with enrolling in classes at Broward College.

In addition to these entry requirements, prospective students may benefit from academic advising support services offered through Broward College’s Student Services division. These services provide guidance on selecting courses and degree programs that meet individual career goals.

Academic Advising Support

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. Broward College provides comprehensive academic advising support, to help students reach their educational goals and maximize their potential. Advisors are available in person or through phone calls as well as online services for those who prefer digital communication.

They provide guidance on program selection, course registration, transfer opportunities, career exploration, degree requirements and more. Academic advisors offer personalized attention to individual needs and often serve as mentors throughout the student’s college experience, helping them learn from past mistakes and progress towards success.

The goal is to ensure that each student has the resources they need to pursue higher education without any obstacles or hindrances along the way. With this level of commitment and dedication from Broward College advisors, it is easy for students to take advantage of all the resources offered by this institution in order to plan their course schedule accordingly.

Planning Your Course Schedule

After receiving advice from academic advisors, students should begin the process of planning their course schedule. This is an important step in a student’s journey to achieving their goals and obtaining a bachelor degree from Broward College. An effective plan includes classes that are taken sequentially and build on each other, allowing for maximum retention of knowledge and progression towards completing one’s program of study. Additionally, this approach helps to minimize the time needed to complete a degree by avoiding unnecessary duplication or repetition of credits between courses.

When building a course schedule, it is essential to consider factors such as prerequisites, available class times, departmental policies and procedures, tuition costs, financial aid options and any additional fees associated with enrollment. Understanding these elements can help ensure that students remain on track to graduate efficiently while ensuring they do not incur unmanageable debt. Furthermore, many programs offer internship opportunities which may provide valuable hands-on experience applicable to future career paths.

With careful research into all available options for scheduling classes at Broward College, students have the potential to create successful plans tailored specifically to their educational needs and interests. As such resources become increasingly accessible through online portals and virtual communication platforms, navigating college requirements has never been easier than it currently is today.

In order to further support success among Broward College students understanding campus resources is necessary; therefore exploring what specific services are offered on-campus should be considered next when embarking upon one’s academic pursuits.

On-Campus Resources

Broward College offers a variety of on-campus resources for students enrolled in its bachelor degree programs. This includes advising and counseling, career planning, library services, learning support centers, student health services and recreation facilities.

Advising and counseling services are available to help students identify their academic goals, choose the right courses, develop an educational plan tailored to their needs, and understand college policies and procedures. Career planning assistance is provided by faculty members who specialize in helping students explore different majors or occupations.

Library services provide access to electronic databases and other research materials such as books and journals that can be used by students while completing course assignments. Learning support centers offer tutoring sessions with qualified instructors who assist students with challenging topics or tasks related to their studies. Student Health Services provides preventive care through immunizations, dietary advice, mental health counseling, physical exams and other medical treatments which may be necessary during enrollment at Broward College. Finally, recreational facilities allow students to participate in sports activities or attend events sponsored by the college’s athletic department.

These on-campus resources facilitate success for Broward College’s bachelor degree candidates both inside and outside the classroom setting. Moving forward into the upcoming section about online degree options will further elaborate how digital advancements have enabled modern collegiate experiences.

Online Degree Options

In addition to on-campus resources, broward college online degrees also offers various degree options online. Through their distance learning program, students are able to access a variety of courses and programs from any location with an internet connection. This allows them to complete their studies without the need for physical attendance at classes or campus events. Online learners have access to instructors through email, phone calls, video conferencing, chat rooms, virtual classrooms and other forms of communication. Additionally, they can take advantage of library services including electronic databases and research materials available 24 hours a day.

Broward College’s online degree offerings provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and course load selection. Students interested in earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may select a traditional 16-week semester option as well as accelerated 8-week semesters that allow them to finish faster than conventional academic programming. As with all college degrees offered by the institution, specific program requirements must be met before graduation is possible. Further assistance is available for those seeking guidance about transferring credits from other schools towards completing their current educational goals.

Transferring Credits From Other Schools

The process of transferring credits from other schools to Broward College can be likened to a road trip. As an individual embarks on the journey, it is important for them to first map out their route and plan accordingly. They must consider not only which direction they need to go in, but also what type of vehicle will get them there safely and efficiently. Similarly, when looking at how many credits one might transfer into Broward College, students should take the time to research possible options that best suit their needs.

Transferring credit requirements vary by program, course level and institution attended. It’s important to note that all courses may not be accepted by Broward College; however, some institutions have agreements with certain programs or departments within the college that allow for easier transition of credits. Additionally, eligible non-traditional learning experiences such as advanced placement (AP) tests or military training may qualify a student for elective credits toward graduation. Transfer students should review each school’s policies before making any decisions about transferring credits. With this information in hand, individuals can begin the steps necessary to move forward towards reaching their goals.

Applying For Graduation

Applying for graduation is a key step in completing a Bachelor’s degree at Broward College. The process begins with the student submitting an application to their program department. This must be done by the designated deadline, which can vary depending on the type of program and semester. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by faculty advisors who will evaluate whether or not the student meets all requirements for graduation. Students are encouraged to review their academic transcripts prior to submission in order to ensure accuracy.

If the application is approved, students may then apply for commencement ceremonies and receive diplomas upon successful completion of their degrees. Graduates should keep their diploma as proof of achieving a higher education level from Broward College. Additionally, graduates are strongly encouraged to take advantage of job placement services offered through the college’s Career Services office. These services offer extensive resources that help individuals find gainful employment after graduating from college. With this support and assistance, recent graduates have greater success finding jobs related to their field of study or other career paths they wish to pursue.

Job Placement Services

For the ambitious student, Broward College provides a variety of job placement services to ensure success in the professional world. Like a beacon of hope for those seeking meaningful employment opportunities, these resources can be invaluable in launching a career after graduation.

From interview coaching and resume writing workshops to access to local employers, students have every advantage as they begin their journey toward fulfilling their dreams. Workshops hosted by industry professionals provide personalized guidance on how to effectively market oneself and stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs or internships. Additionally, the college’s close connection with potential employers ensures that graduates are connected with jobs related to their field of study. Job fairs also offer an opportunity to network and build relationships with recruiters looking for qualified candidates.

With such comprehensive job placement services available at Broward College, students are well-equipped to navigate the professional world confidently upon graduation.

Accelerated Degree Paths

Broward College offers a variety of accelerated degree paths for students looking to earn their bachelor’s degrees quickly. These paths include:

  1. Traditional four-year programs that allow full-time students to complete the program in just four semesters;
  2. Five-year combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Programs which enable students to simultaneously work on an undergraduate and graduate degree, significantly reducing the time it takes to finish both degrees;
  3. Accelerated Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) specifically designed for adult learners who have some prior college credits or professional experience but did not finish their degrees;
  4. Zero Textbook Cost Degrees where all required materials are available online without any additional costs.
    In addition, Broward College offers several other options such as dual enrollment courses with local high schools and internship opportunities during the summer months when classes are not in session. Through these opportunities, students can save money while still gaining valuable knowledge and real world experience necessary for success after graduation. With so many accelerated pathways available at Broward College, students have the potential to reach their academic goals faster than ever before.

Internship Opportunities

One of the key benefits of having a Bachelor’s degree from Broward College is access to internship opportunities. Many employers offer internships for students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees and are interested in pursuing a career in that field. Internships provide valuable experience, networking connections, and potential job offers after graduation. Additionally, some internships may involve financial compensation or tuition reimbursement.

Broward College has an extensive list of available internships across various industries including business, government agencies, non-profits, healthcare organizations, media outlets, and more. The college also provides support services such as resume writing assistance and career counseling. By taking advantage of these resources, students can maximize their chances of landing an internship position that is right for them and gain meaningful work experience while completing their degree program. With this experience under their belt, graduates will be well prepared to enter the workforce with confidence upon completion of their studies. This transition into professional life could not be made easier thanks to the range of beneficial resources provided by Broward College along with its alumni network.

Alumni Networking Opportunities

As of 2019, Broward College has more than 90,000 alumni worldwide. The college provides many opportunities for connections between current students and its former graduates through the Alumni Association. This association allows members to network with other professionals in their chosen field as well as stay up to date on events taking place at the college. Through this networking platform, alums can make valuable connections that will help them advance their career goals or expand their professional networks. Additionally, the Alumni Association hosts numerous events throughout the year such as professional development workshops, social gatherings, and volunteer activities where alumni have a chance to connect with one another in person.

The college also offers an online job board which enables employers seeking talent from within the vast network of Broward College graduates to post job listings free of charge. Furthermore, these postings are regularly updated so current students and recent graduates can find employment opportunities tailored specifically to their desired industry or skill set. Moreover, this job board is open to anyone looking for jobs off campus who want access to hundreds of potential positions available throughout South Florida regionally and beyond.

Post-Graduate Programs

Broward College offers a wide range of post-graduate programs to meet the needs of students who want to further their education and career opportunities. These programs are designed for those seeking additional knowledge, skills, or certification in their field. The college provides both online and on-campus courses that allow individuals to work at their own pace towards completion. Post-graduate options include master degrees in various disciplines, certificate programs, and specialized training.

All post-graduate program admissions require specific criteria such as undergraduate transcripts, entrance exams scores, letters of recommendation, and essays demonstrating prior academic experience. Students may also need to demonstrate professional experience related to the chosen field of study when applying for certain degree types. Financial aid is available for qualified applicants; including scholarship funds from the university itself or private sources. Additionally, there are several payment plans offered by Broward College making it easier for students to afford graduate studies without too much financial burden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Job Opportunities Are Available After Graduation?

Graduation from college is a critical juncture in one’s life, with job opportunities often determining the direction of an individual’s future. As such, it is important to research and understand the various career paths available after graduating with a bachelor degree. This includes investigating what type of job opportunities are available for those who have obtained their bachelor degree.

Does Broward College have bachelor degree?

Yes, Broward College offers bachelor’s degrees in various fields such as nursing, education, information technology, and supervision and management. Broward College started offering bachelor’s degrees in 2010 through its partnership with Florida Atlantic University.

Does Broward College have 4 year degrees?

Yes, Broward College offers 4-year bachelor’s degrees in various fields. They started offering bachelor’s degrees in 2010 through a partnership with Florida Atlantic University. Prior to this, Broward College primarily offered 2-year associate degrees and certificate programs.

What degrees do Broward College offer?

Broward College offers a wide range of degrees including:

  • Associate degrees in arts, science, and applied science in various fields such as business, healthcare, education, information technology, public safety, and more.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in nursing, education, information technology, supervision and management, and respiratory care.
  • Certificate programs in various areas such as business, healthcare, education, public safety, and more.
  • Broward College also provides workforce training and continuing education courses to help individuals develop new skills or enhance their existing ones.

How much is a bachelors at Broward College?

The cost of a bachelor’s degree at Broward College varies depending on the program and the number of credits required for completion. It’s best to check with the college’s admissions or financial aid office for specific information on tuition and fees.

Generally, the tuition for a bachelor’s degree at Broward College is lower compared to other universities in Florida. This is because Broward College is a state college and receives funding from the state. Additionally, there may be financial aid options available such as scholarships, grants, and student loans to help offset the cost of tuition.

Is There An Accelerated Degree Path Available?

Accelerated degree paths offer students the opportunity to complete their studies at a faster pace, thereby allowing them to pursue their career more quickly than traditional programs. These accelerated pathways are becoming increasingly popular amongst college-level students as they enable individuals to gain valuable skills and knowledge in a shorter period of time.

The advantages of an accelerated degree path can include:

  • Time saving: An accelerated program allows for completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in less time than it would normally take with traditional courses; this saves both money and energy.
  • Flexibility: Accelerated degrees give students flexibility when scheduling classes and completing coursework; they can choose which semesters or terms they want to focus on certain topics or areas of study.
  • Cost savings: By taking fewer classes over a longer period of time, students can save significantly on tuition costs associated with traditional four-year academic plans. Additionally, many schools offer discounted tuition rates for those enrolled in accelerated programs.

Furthermore, there is often an array of job opportunities available after graduation from an accelerated degree program due to the condensed nature of these curriculums and the increased technical proficiency that such programs provide. Students graduating from an expedited program may be better equipped for positions requiring greater skill sets due to the advanced level offered by accelerated courses. Furthermore, the enhanced speed provided by these programs gives graduates a competitive edge over others who have taken traditionally paced courses since they have already completed their education before other candidates even begin theirs.

Therefore, individuals considering furthering their education should consider if an accelerated pathway is right for them as it provides substantial benefits including cost savings, improved career prospects and access to employable skills sooner than otherwise possible through traditional methods.

Are There Any Internship Opportunities Available?

Internships are an important part of gaining experience and developing skills for a successful career. For students seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree, internships offer an opportunity to gain industry-specific knowledge and hands-on training that can help them stand out among their peers:

  • Internships provide real-world work experiences in the field they plan to enter after college.
  • This could include working on projects related to their major or minor, shadowing professionals in relevant fields, or attending networking events with potential employers.
  • They also give students insight into different aspects of the job market, such as what employers expect from new hires and how they might need to adapt in order to excel in their chosen profession.
  • Students may be able to find mentors who can guide them through this process and give helpful advice on getting ahead professionally.

By participating in an internship program, students can build upon the theoretical concepts learned during their academic studies by applying them directly at a professional level. Such experiences will not only improve their resume but also show potential employers that they have taken initiative beyond traditional classroom learning. Additionally, many companies now offer competitive compensation packages for interns that are similar to those offered for full-time employees.

With so much value associated with internships, it is no wonder that more students than ever before are looking for opportunities within their desired industries while pursuing bachelor’s degrees at Broward College. The school offers several options ranging from summer programs geared towards specific majors to longer term commitments based on individual interests and goals. Through connecting with faculty advisors or visiting the Career Services office on campus, students can explore available internship possibilities both locally and abroad and take advantage of these invaluable opportunities before graduating college.

Is There An Alumni Network To Help With Job Placement?

Alumni networks are a valuable resource for job placement. They provide the necessary connections and support needed to transition successfully into the next phase of life after college. An alumni network is an invaluable tool in helping students make those important career decisions, as well as providing access to mentors who can assist with resume preparation and job search strategies.

Alumni networks also offer numerous resources that can be used to help graduates stay connected with their alma mater, such as newsletters, social media groups, or even events hosted by the school’s alumni association. These services can provide advice about networking opportunities, industry trends, and other professional development topics that will help prepare graduates for successful careers. Furthermore, many alumni networks offer mentorship programs which allow participants to gain insight from current professionals on how best to navigate the job market.

The benefits of joining an alumni network extend beyond just finding employment; they have been found to facilitate lifelong learning through continued engagement with peers and employers while fostering relationships among members across generations. Additionally, alumni associations often host exclusive events where members can gather together and form meaningful connections that may last far beyond graduation day. With so much potential at hand it is easy to see why having access to an engaging alumni network could be immensely beneficial for any Broward College Bachelor degree recipient looking for assistance in their job placement efforts.

Are There Any Online Degree Options?

The question of whether online degree options exist is a common one. With the advances in technology, an increasing number of educational institutions are offering courses that can be taken remotely from any location with an internet connection. This has opened up many possibilities for those who are unable to attend traditional classes due to geographic or other constraints.

When looking into online degree programs at Broward College, prospective students will find there are several different types of degrees available. These range from associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines such as business, health sciences, education, hospitality management and more. Each program offers flexibility and convenience while providing all the same benefits as attending on-campus classes. Additionally, some programs offer additional features such as career counseling and job placement assistance through alumni networks.

While pursuing an online degree from Broward College may not be ideal for everyone considering their unique circumstances, it does provide a viable option for individuals interested in furthering their education without having to sacrifice personal commitments. The college also provides support services to help ensure student success during their studies.


The conclusion of this article centers around the wide range of job opportunities available to those who have graduated from Broward College with a Bachelor’s degree. A student can choose an accelerated path in order to complete their degree faster, and internships are often provided to give students direct experience in their field of study. Furthermore, alumni networks are available to help graduates find jobs that best suit them. Online degrees are also offered for those looking for more flexibility when it comes to completing coursework.

With these options, there is something for everyone who has received a degree from Broward College. No matter what path they take after graduation, students can be sure that their hard work will pay off in the job market as employers value credentials earned at such an esteemed institution. The support systems and resources available ensure success not only during college but afterwards too. This makes earning a bachelor’s degree from Broward College all the more worthwhile as it opens up many different possibilities for career growth and exploration over time.

Ultimately, obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Broward College provides individuals with access to numerous employment opportunities along with robust academic programs, internship experiences, and supportive alumni networks that allow graduates to thrive post-graduation no matter which route they decide to pursue. From online courses to traditional classrooms or even internships abroad – there is something here for every type of learner and each pathway leads towards future successes.


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