Construction workers Job Opportunities – The Application Process 2023

Construction workers Job Opportunities

Construction workers are individuals whose primary occupation involves working on construction sites, where they are paid either on a daily or monthly basis, dependent upon the agreement they have made with their employer.

A construction worker can refer to either a professional such as a construction manager or an unskilled laborer paid for a day’s work.

This article aims to inform the knowledgeable audience about the various duties performed by construction workers, the different construction jobs available in Lagos, and the corresponding requirements.

Let’s first discuss the responsibilities of a construction worker before exploring potential job opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Construction Worker

Preparing the construction site for operation involves ensuring that all equipment is in working order and adequately prepared.
Supporting in the transfer and operation of bulky machinery and equipment.

  • Traffic control and traffic sign installation
    It is imperative to adhere to all regulations related to health and safety.
    The process of creating voids in the ground, including pits, passageways, and vertical shafts.
  • Mixing, pouring, and levelling concrete is an essential process in construction.

Construction work is physically demanding and requires workers to be in good health, strength, and fitness to perform their tasks effectively.

Heavy materials need to be lifted and transported, making it essential for every construction worker to be physically fit.

If it is feasible, it is recommended that you are open to the idea of undergoing training in order to prevent committing errors while performing your duties.

The ideal candidate for the job should possess a strong work ethic and be willing to dedicate long hours to their work, with limited breaks.

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Available Construction Work

Here, we will provide a list of essential job positions in the construction industry that require physical skills and expertise.

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“Treasurehall Consulting’s Project Manager Profile”

Treasurehall Consulting is seeking a competent individual to lead the management of all company projects in the role of project manager.

To meet the qualifications, it is necessary to satisfy the specified requirements.
A suitable candidate for this role must possess strong leadership skills demonstrated in their ability to initiate or finalize a project by overseeing a team’s efforts.

  • Should be above average in knowledge about computer 
    “To be considered for the role, applicants must possess a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree.”
  • A candidate is required to possess at least five years of relevant work experience.

The ideal candidate for the project should possess intelligence and be willing to make progress.
The individual appointed to this role will be obligated to assume the subsequent duty.

  • Oversee and coordinate all construction projects for the company.
  • Guarantee that the level at which the organization operates is preserved.
  • Provide inspiration and encouragement to construction workers and engineers.

Job Description 

  • Employment Status: Full-Time Position
    The monthly salary for this position ranges from N100k to N150k.
  • Years of experience: 5 or more.

Experienced Procurement Manager at Sigma Consulting Group in the Estate Construction Industry

The organization seeks an experienced procurement manager to oversee the procurement of materials required for its upcoming projects.

In order to join the company or accept the job offer, it is essential to be aware of the following responsibilities:
Planning and management of the acquisition and transportation of bought items and resources.

  • Collaborate with the department responsible for procurement to identify and define their necessary purchases.
  • Provide support in the various stages of the tendering process, including creating invitations to tender, evaluating submitted bids, and selecting a winner.
  • Manage negotiations with suppliers and vendors and ensure their delivery objectives are met.
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Nurture and uphold crucial connections with vendors and suppliers to ensure smooth business operations.
Make sure that any problems or questions from employees or suppliers are addressed and solved promptly.

Oversee and organize the firm’s procurement, distribution, and management of supplies and consumables.

To effectively oversee suppliers and contracts, it is necessary to establish and maintain a database that encompasses vendor information, price lists, and other pertinent details.

This ensures that vendor and contract information is organized and easily accessible for efficient management and updates.
In order to qualify for this role, it is necessary to fulfill the specified prerequisites.

  • Exhibit robust abilities to lead convincingly.
  • It’s advisable to rely on someone you trust.
  • Completion of a program at an accredited university in Nigeria is required.
  • Must be prepared to move to Lagos.
  • The position is for full-time employment.

Job Description 

  • Employment status: Full-time.
  • Salary: 100k-150k
  • A duration of at least five years of experience or more is required.

Experienced Construction Manager at Mace

A construction manager is an experienced individual responsible for supervising the construction of buildings within an organization.

The organization aims to fill a crucial position and seeks an individual capable of taking on the role, along with additional duties and responsibilities.

  • Aiding in the continuous creation, execution, and adherence to the construction stage blueprint at the job location.

Supervising the construction site to guarantee the provision and upkeep of appropriate welfare facilities from inception to completion of the building process.

  • Furnishing all employees with individualized site orientation, in addition to any additional data and education needed.

Whenever feasible, it is important to implement supportive and monitoring systems to oversee health and safety measures during the construction process, as well as to deter unauthorized access to the worksite.

Furthermore, the necessary prerequisites for individuals seeking to apply are also provided. You may refer to the requirements outlined below to determine eligibility.

  • Good communication skills 
  • Possess a qualification in the field of construction management.
  • Possess relevant experience for the job under consideration.
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Understand how to use a computer.

Job Description 

  • Employment Type: Work from a remote location.
  • Salary: 100k-120k 
  • Minimum required experience is one year or more.


How much does a Construction worker earn as a salary?

A Construction Worker in Nigeria can earn a minimum of N10k as an hourly wage, and the exact pay rate is dependent on educational level, work experience, and location. However, it should be noted that the pay rate may differ between countries such as Nigeria and the United States.

What attributes are desirable in a competent Construction Worker?

A proficient laborer in construction must possess physical strength, as well as the energy and stamina to carry out demanding responsibilities for extended periods, especially in tough working conditions.

Construction personnel must possess the skills of actively listening, following a plan, and working effectively with a team to manage and install building materials successfully.

The job of construction requires such essential skills to complete large-scale operations where several individuals are involved collaboratively.
Skilled construction workers possess a robust work ethic and meticulousness with an acute awareness of their surroundings, a quality they can leverage for their safety.


Construction work may appear challenging and demanding, yet it is a fulfilling occupation despite the associated stress.
It is either you go in as just a Site worker or you are employed in any of the positions we have mentioned above. 

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