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Graduate Iowa City

The Graduate Iowa City is a popular destination for those looking to explore the city’s vibrant culture and nightlife. Located in downtown Iowa City, it offers an inviting atmosphere with modern amenities, lush greenery, and sophisticated décor.

With its unique blend of sophistication and convenience, The Graduate Iowa City has become one of the top choices for guests seeking a memorable stay in this charming college town. This article will provide an overview of The Graduate Iowa City features as well as highlight some of its attractions that make it so popular among travelers.

With convenient access to the University of Iowa campus and other major attractions, The Graduate Iowa City creates an ideal setting for visitors who want to take full advantage of all that downtownIowaCity has to offer. From early morning yoga classes on the rooftop terrace to late-night entertainment at nearby bars, there are plenty of ways to spend time during your stay here.


Guests can enjoy signature dishes at their award-winning restaurant or mingle over drinks while listening to live music from local artists in their lobby bar. Additionally, they have thoughtfully designed rooms equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, luxury bedding, flat screen TVs and more to ensure maximum comfort throughout your stay.

For those looking for something special during their visit, The Graduate Iowa City also provides concierge services that include booking tickets for events around town such as concerts and plays. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends or just getting away by yourself; whatever brings you here, rest assured you will find everything you need when staying at TheGraduateIowaCity.

In summing up these features and benefits, this article aims to demonstrate why this hotel should be considered among top destinations when planning a trip to downtownIowaCity.

Overview Of The Area

The city of Iowa City is located in Johnson County, Iowa. It serves as the county seat and has a population of over 70,000 people. The city is home to the University of Iowa, which enrolls more than 33,000 students each year. In addition to its role as an educational center, Iowa City also plays host to numerous cultural events such as the annual Jazz Festival and the Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival.

Iowa City boasts excellent public transportation options including bus routes operated by Cambus and Coralville Transit. Additionally, Amtrak offers multiple daily train trips between Chicago and Omaha that stop at the local station in town.

The area’s economy is based largely on education, healthcare, manufacturing and technology industries. Several major employers have established headquarters here including Rockwell Collins and ACT Incorporated.

For recreation activities, visitors can enjoy outdoor sports facilities like soccer fields or take advantage of one of several nearby golf courses. Other attractions include museums such as the Old Capitol Museum or shopping centers like Sycamore Mall. Residents have access to a variety of restaurants ranging from casual eateries to upscale dining establishments offering both international foods and locally sourced ingredients.

Local Attractions

Iowa City is a vibrant city that offers many attractions for visitors. The University of Iowa, located in the center of town, provides numerous cultural and sporting events open to both students and non-students. In addition, the city has several art galleries exhibiting works by local artists as well as nationally recognized ones.

The Pedestrian Mall area features year round music and entertainment options ranging from live bands to theatrical performances. There are also a variety of shops with unique items available, including handmade clothing and jewelry. Additionally, the mall serves as home to restaurants offering an assortment of cuisines such as Mexican, Chinese, Italian and more.

For those who prefer outdoor activities there are plenty of parks around town suitable for leisurely strolls or picnics. Among them are World War II Memorial Park which honors fallen soldiers; Lower City Park featuring two large lakes; Hickory Hill Park known for its scenic views; and Terry Trueblood Recreation Area with swimming pool access in summer months. Visitors can also enjoy boating on Lake MacBride State Park or visit nearby Coralville Reservoir for fishing opportunities.

In short, Iowa City boasts a wide array of attractions sure to please any visitor regardless of interests or age group.

Other Points Of Interest

The vibrant Graduate Iowa City offers many other points of interest that are sure to captivate visitors. For those who appreciate art and culture, the University of Iowa Museum of Art is an excellent destination.

This museum features a range of permanent collections from both ancient and contemporary times as well as rotating special exhibitions which explore topics such as social justice, racial equity and even abstract expressionism.

Additionally, the gallery’s interactive space provides great opportunities for learning about various cultures through hands-on activities like weaving or pottery making.

For nature lovers, there are plenty of places to explore in Iowa City too. The Finkbine Golf Course is just one example, with its beautiful landscapes and lush greens providing a peaceful escape from the bustle of everyday life. Or you can take a leisurely stroll through nearby Hills Park, where blooming wildflowers, tall trees, and winding trails offer amazing views all year round.

No matter what your interests may be, Iowa City has something for everyone -from museums to parks; shopping centers to restaurants – this city has it all! With its diverse array of attractions and amenities, it’s easy to see why so many people love visiting here time after time.

Historic Sites

The city of Iowa City, IA has a number of historic sites that offer insight into the past. First is the Old Capitol Building on the University of Iowa’s campus. Built in 1840, it served as the first capitol building for the state of Iowa until 1857 when the current Statehouse was constructed in Des Moines. The building currently houses an art museum and is open to visitors year round.
Second is the Englert Theatre which opened its doors in 1912 and remains one of only two theaters from this era still operating in downtown Iowa City today.

It hosts various cultural events such as concerts, plays, and other entertainment performances throughout the year.
Third is Lake Macbride State Park located just east of town.

This lake-side park offers camping, swimming, boating, fishing and hiking opportunities to residents and guests alike.
Finally, there are numerous historical markers around town that provide key information about important people or places associated with Iowa City’s history.

Historic Sites:

  • Old Capitol Building
  • Englert Theatre
  • Lake Macbride State Park
  • Historical Markers

Shopping And Dining Options

The Iowa City area provides a wide array of shopping and dining options for its residents. To kick off the list, one could say that Iowa City is bursting at the seams with different restaurants. From classic American to Mexican fare, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud. There are also several locally owned eateries in the downtown area offering up unique dishes that can’t be found anywhere else.

When it comes to shopping, Iowa City has plenty of stores to explore as well. You’ll find everything from big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, to boutique shops specializing in clothing, jewelry, and home decor items.

There’s even an outdoor mall located near downtown where you can spend a lazy afternoon browsing through the various stores or enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants.

In sum, if you’re looking for delicious food or great retail therapy then look no further than Iowa City! With so much variety available, everyone is sure to find something they love here.

Cultural Events And Festivals

Iowa City is home to a vibrant cultural scene, boasting many events and festivals throughout the year. From art exhibitions to live music performances, there are plenty of opportunities for residents and visitors alike to experience Iowa’s culture in its truest form.

In June, locals and tourists gather at the Iowa Arts Festival, which takes over downtown with exhibits from local artists, craftsmen, and musicians. The festival also offers interactive workshops for those interested in learning more about Iowa’s history and culture.

Additionally, the annual Summer of the Arts series brings together visual arts, performing arts and educational activities in an outdoor setting each summer.

The University of Iowa puts on several theatrical productions as well as musical performances throughout the year. The school’s renowned Writers’ Workshop draws writers from all over the world who come to learn from some of America’s most celebrated authors.

Other popular events include film screenings at FilmScene, comedy shows at both Riverside Theatre and Hancher Auditorium, theatre productions by Black Hawk Children’s Theatre Company, and much more. With so many different options available for experiencing local culture in Iowa City, it is no wonder that this city continually attracts travelers near and far.

Outdoor Recreation Activities

The city of Iowa City offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities for all ages. From taking in the stunning views of rolling hills, to kayaking down one of the many rivers and creeks, this area has it all.

  1. Hiking: The nearby trails offer a great opportunity to explore nature while getting some exercise. Some popular hiking spots include Macbride Nature Recreation Area and Terry Trueblood Recreation Area.
  2. Kayaking/Canoeing: With its scenic riverbanks, Iowa City provides plenty of opportunities for canoeists and kayakers alike to enjoy the outdoors. Popular destinations include Clear Creek, Sugar Bottom Lake, and Coralville Reservoir.
  3. Fishing: Anglers can find excellent fishing spots throughout the region including Osceola Mill Pond or Big Bear Lake near Amana Colonies Historic District.

Iowa City’s abundance of outdoor recreational activities makes it an ideal destination for those looking to get away from their hectic lives and reconnect with nature. Whether you’re someone who enjoys long hikes through forests or casting lines into still waters, there is something here for everyone seeking respite in the natural beauty that abounds around them.

Accommodations In The Area

When visiting Iowa City, there are a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Hotels and motels offer comfortable lodging near the downtown area with easy access to attractions such as the University of Iowa Museum of Art and other cultural sites.

In addition, many short-term rentals are available for those looking for more homey accommodations. With its wide range of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, Iowa City is sure to have something that appeals to everyone’s individual tastes.

The Kirkwood Hotel & Conference Center has been an integral part of the city since 1941 and provides guests with spacious rooms in a classic setting. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast each morning along with free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Additional amenities include a fitness center, indoor pool, restaurant, and bar.

The Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center also features plenty of modern conveniences including a full-service spa, meeting facilities, and multiple dining options. Guests can take advantage of the 24-hour business center or relax by the outdoor pool at their leisure. Located off Interstate 80 just minutes from downtown Iowa City, this luxury hotel makes it easy for visitors to explore all that the city has to offer.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, visitors will find numerous accommodations in Iowa City that provide comfort and convenience during their stay. From budget friendly hotels to luxurious full-service resorts—there truly is something for everyone when searching for lodging in this vibrant college town.

Transportation Options

The city of Iowa City is home to a diverse range of transportation options that allow residents and visitors to navigate the city with ease. For those looking for the most efficient way to get around, public transit offers a reliable and cost-effective solution.

The local bus system operates seven days a week, providing service to all parts of the city. In addition, there are several taxi companies in operation that can take passengers from one destination to another.

For those who prefer traveling by car, Iowa City has an extensive network of highways and roads that connect it to surrounding towns and cities. Many of these roads have been recently upgraded as part of ongoing efforts to improve the infrastructure throughout the region. Drivers will also find free parking available on many streets downtown, making it easy for them to explore all that Iowa City has to offer without worrying about finding a place to park their vehicle.

Cyclists will be pleased with the abundance of bike paths located throughout town. These trails provide scenic routes along riverside parks or through wooded areas giving riders plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature while getting from point A to B. Furthermore, many businesses have designated bicycle racks so cyclists can securely lock up their bikes when not in use. With such wide array of transportation options available, getting around Iowa City is simpler than ever before.

Education Opportunities

The city of Iowa City offers a wealth of educational opportunities for those seeking to further their career and personal growth. From universities, community colleges, vocational schools, and technical institutes, there is something for every interest.

Iowa City has one public university: the University of Iowa (UI). The UI provides students with access to over 200 majors ranging from business to medicine. It also offers an extensive library system with resources that support research in many fields. Additionally, the University of Iowa offers several graduate programs for postgraduate study.

In addition to the University of Iowa, Iowa City also boasts two other major institutions: Kirkwood Community College and Iowa Valley Community College District. Both offer associate degrees as well as specialized certificates or diplomas in various fields such as healthcare, information technology, and automotive technology.

Furthermore, these community colleges provide continuing education courses which can help individuals advance their careers or explore new interests.

For professionals who are looking for more hands-on training options, there are several trade and technical schools within the area offering short-term certificate or diploma programs that allow them to gain specific skills quickly so they can enter the job market sooner rather than later.

These include Hawkeye Community College’s Truck Driver Training Program; Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ Machinist/Welding Programs; Cedar Rapids Technical Institute’s Computer Technician Certificate program; and Muscatine Community College’s Automotive Technology Diploma Program. All of these programs give participants a chance to train on state-of-the-art equipment in order to develop industry applicable knowledge and proficiency in their chosen field.

Businesses And Employers

The city of Iowa City provides a wide array of businesses and employers for its citizens. Ironically, this is in stark contrast to the quaint yet quiet college town atmosphere that one finds when walking around campus or downtown.

From professional services such as dentists, lawyers, and accountants to retail stores like clothing boutiques and bookstores, there are many options available to students and residents alike.

Food establishments can also be found throughout the city ranging from fast food restaurants and delis to coffee shops and bars. Additionally, there are several major medical centers located nearby with highly trained physicians providing top-of-the-line care. There are even two hospitals within driving distance which offer state-of-the-art technology and equipment to treat all kinds of ailments.

Iowa City offers ample employment opportunities as well, with numerous corporations setting up shop here over the years. These businesses provide jobs in accounting, marketing, finance, engineering, software development, customer service and more.

The unemployment rate in Iowa City remains much lower than the national average due to these large companies creating new positions year after year. As a result, those looking for work have plenty of places to look for gainful employment close by.

Arts And Entertainment Venues

Iowa City offers a variety of arts and entertainment venues that provide residents with options for leisure activities. The University of Iowa contributes to the cultural landscape in the city, providing access to galleries, theatres, performing art centers, and musical events. Additionally, there are several independent venues throughout the downtown area that offer exciting performances year-round.

Here is an overview of some popular places:

  • Hancher Auditorium at University of Iowa hosts hundreds of music and theatre events annually including symphony orchestras and ballet productions.
  • Englert Theatre is a non-profit organization offering live music shows from national artists as well as local performers.
  • Artisan Gallery 218 displays work by both established and emerging artists while also hosting workshops on various topics related to art making.
  • Public Space One provides space for visual art exhibitions created by students or professional artists as well as hosting lectures on contemporary culture.

Additionally, there are numerous museums located around the city such as Old Capitol Museum which houses exhibits about Iowa’s history, State Historical Society of Iowa which documents the state’s past through its archives and museum collections, African American Museum of Iowa which preserves African American culture and heritage through interactive programs and educational exhibits among many others. These institutions contribute greatly to preserving and spreading knowledge about Iowa City’s rich history across generations.

Healthcare Facilities

In the city of Iowa City, healthcare facilities provide an invaluable service for citizens. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is a major provider in the area; this hospital offers various levels of care from urgent visits to specialized treatment.

In addition, Mercy One Medical Center serves residents with advanced medical technologies and experienced specialists providing emergency services as well as inpatient and outpatient care. Furthermore, VA Coordinated Care provides veterans with access to quality health treatments at no cost.

Other hospitals include the Stead Family Children’s Hospital which specializes in pediatric medicine while UI Health Care-Iowa River Landing focuses on community health needs such as family practice and surgery. Primary clinics are also available within Iowa City that offer preventive care and treat common illnesses without having to go to a hospital setting. These options allow patients convenient access to confidential care close to home or work.

The availability of these regional healthcare providers means citizens have numerous choices when it comes to selecting their preferred treatment center. With so many resources available, individuals can rest assured they will receive reliable assistance regardless of their situation or condition.

Faith-Based Organizations

An array of faith-based organizations in Iowa City are as numerous and diverse as the stars in a night sky. From churches to synagogues, mosques to temples, these religious centers provide places for worship and fellowship that promote spiritual growth. More recently, some have evolved into multi-service community centers, offering programs ranging from soup kitchens to after school activities.

These vital resources not only offer services such as food pantries, clothing drives and homeless shelters; they also serve as hubs for social change by coordinating volunteer efforts within their communities.

For example, many faith-based groups organize events around political issues like immigration reform or poverty reduction that bring together people who share similar beliefs but come from different backgrounds. By creating an inclusive environment where all voices can be heard and respected, these organizations foster understanding between members of diverse cultures and religions.

Faith-based organizations play a significant role in society by providing support networks, promoting civic engagement and helping individuals build meaningful relationships with one another through shared experiences. They represent an invaluable resource for those seeking refuge from adversity or a sense of belonging in an increasingly disconnected world.

Real Estate Opportunities

Moving on to the topic of real estate opportunities in Iowa City, it is important to consider the city’s reputation as a desirable midwestern location. With its strong economy and low unemployment rate, Iowa City has become an attractive option for those looking to invest in property or start a business. Furthermore, several universities have made their home here, along with numerous cultural attractions that appeal to visitors from around the world.

The city offers various types of properties for sale and lease at competitive prices. For instance, one can find single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, office buildings and industrial complexes.

Additionally, due to its close proximity to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Minneapolis-St Paul, many investors are drawn to Iowa City’s real estate market because of its potential for appreciation over time. Finally, there are also plenty of recreational activities available within the city limits ranging from golf courses to public parks which makes it an ideal place for families or individuals seeking a more laid back lifestyle.

Whether one chooses to purchase residential or commercial property in Iowa City they will likely benefit from a diverse selection of options in terms of cost and amenities. Those who take advantage of this opportunity can look forward to long term gains while enjoying all that the city has to offer.


The graduate Iowa City has much to offer its inhabitants. With an abundance of local attractions, points of interest, historic sites, shopping and dining options, arts and entertainment venues, healthcare facilities and faith-based organizations–it is no wonder that this area draws people from all walks of life. For those looking for a new home or to start fresh in a new environment the real estate opportunities provide unique chances to really make this city their own.

It is safe to say that The Graduate Iowa City provides something for everyone; with so many different aspects it could be considered a melting pot of culture and opportunity. This thriving community offers individuals the opportunity to explore their interests while also providing them with social events within the town limits. It is truly a place where old meets new as traditional values are juxtaposed against modern trends.

In conclusion, The Graduate Iowa City provides endless possibilities for growth and exploration–allowing those who choose to live there the chance to experience something new each day like turning over a new leaf.

Whether you’re looking for educational opportunities, career paths or just somewhere that feels like home—you can find it here! All in all, it’s easy to see why this charming area has become such a hot spot for locals and newcomers alike; after all “the grass is always greener on the other side”.


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