House Cleaner & Housekeeper Job Opportunities for Skilled Individuals 2023

House Cleaner & Housekeeper Job Opportunities

If you are in need of a Cleaner or Housekeeper for your home or other residence, we are offering you the opportunity to hire one.
This article will concentrate on Nigeria and present you with a catalog of open cleaner and housekeeper positions in Lekki, Lagos.

1. Cleaning Services provided by Pyclean

Pyclean, a business situated in Lekki, Nigeria, is currently seeking a cleaner to join their team. If you meet the necessary qualifications for this role, you can apply to join their staff as a new employee.
The salary you will receive as one of their employees will range between 35,000 and 40,000 naira.


“If you are interested in securing this position, you should be prepared to move to Lagos upon being hired.”

“You should be ready to work during your designated times. Avoid being lazy,” can be a potential paraphrase for the provided text as per the associated parameters of knowledgeable audience, neutral formality, general domain, and informative intent.

  • The role in question requires the employee to work full-time.
  • It is advisable to keep the person with the organization until it is verified otherwise. One individual should be adequate for the assignment.

Lox offers collaborative services.

One more major business firm has its headquarters in Lagos and is currently in need of cleaners to ensure that the office is kept clean and tidy at all times.
This job opening is well-suited for individuals who have been actively searching for employment.

The compensation for this position would consist of a monthly payment that falls within the range of N15,000 to N35,000. In addition, those who are not relocating to Lagos would be eligible for extra benefits, such as housing.

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To be considered eligible for this job, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • It is important to be willing to move to Lagos.
  • It is important to ensure that you are always ready to work.

Each day, it’s required that you clean all company equipment in the morning.

Out of all the applicants, only a total of eight individuals will be considered eligible for the job and will be contacted. The job is expected to last for a period of 12 months.

Job description

Employment Classifications: Contract and Part-time
Contract Duration: One year
Weekly Hours: Twenty
Monthly Salary Range: $15,000 to $35,000
Experience Requirements: Must have previous annual cleaning experience.

3. AUC Enterprise

The AUC company, located in Lagos, is presently seeking new hires for cleaning services.
Furthermore, we have ensured that the requisite job positions are acquired for the workforce in this establishment.

  • Ensure the beds are properly made and replace any soiled or worn bed sheets as needed.
  • Exchange used towels with new ones.
  • It is necessary to clean the floors by sweeping and mopping.

Regularly using a vacuum cleaner is necessary for maintaining the cleanliness of carpets.

  • Tidy up the furnishings.
  • Replenish personal care items such as soap and shampoo.

Refill the mini-fridge with various types of snacks and drinks.
Maintain cleanliness in public areas like hallways and promptly report any maintenance issues or technical glitches as necessary.

  • Address any inquiries made by customers, such as questions about additional services.
  • Provide aid to customers with locating misplaced belongings. Guarantee that all designated areas are orderly and neat before the conclusion of the work shift. Adhere to the established security protocols of the lodging establishment.

To be considered for this position, certain requirements need to be fulfilled.

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  • Must possess a significant background in room attendant duties.
  • Must be capable of adjusting to a flexible work schedule that includes various shift patterns.
  • Applicants are required to have excellent physical condition and endurance.
  • Having efficient abilities to arrange and manage tasks is essential.

It is crucial to follow the prescribed security protocols and directives if one wishes to maintain this particular role.

  • The role will be filled by a single individual.
  • Remember that this is a full-time position.

Job Description

This is a full-time job. Salary: N65,000 Experience: at least 1 year
This organization is in need of an experienced housekeeper who is willing to manage a variety of household tasks, including but not limited to cooking, childcare, household maintenance, cleaning duties, grocery shopping, and numerous other responsibilities.

If you possess the necessary qualifications or skills to fulfill this role, it is imperative that you submit your application prior to the stated deadline.

Furthermore, aside from the aforementioned duties, you will also need to provide guidance to the householder regarding household or cleaning related matters, and it is crucial to possess extensive expertise in topics such as nutrition and hygiene.


  • It is required that you have finished your high school education.
  • It is necessary to obtain endorsements from individuals in order to support your claims.
  • Should be prepared to go to Lagos.
    Applicants are required to possess a minimum of two years of prior employment.
  • Proficiency in the English language, with the ability to both read and write, is required.

Those chosen for this job will be given specific instruction, offered medical insurance, and kept up-to-date on current innovations.

Position Description

Type of employment: A professional commitment that typically requires 40 hours per week.
The typical salary range on a monthly basis falls between N30,000 and N60,000.
Two years’ experience

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“Role of a Warehouseman in SHL Construction”

SHL is accepting applications from individuals who are interested in filling the positions of storekeeper or cleaner.
As part of your duties, you will need to clean the construction equipment and organize it appropriately. Additionally, it will be your responsibility to oversee the proper maintenance of all company-owned equipment to ensure it functions correctly, among other tasks.


In order to be considered for a job, you must meet the necessary requirements listed below.

  • It is essential to possess significant years of experience as a requirement.
  • It is important to stay prepared for work at all times.
  • Must possess efficient communication skills.

The ability to read and write in English is expected and necessary.

  • It is recommended to have finished high school.

Having a degree provides you with an advantage.

Position Description

Job Type: Full-time (Permanent)
Salary: N80,000
Experience: Minimum of two years required.


A person employed as a housekeeper or cleaner carries out tasks that involve maintaining a home, cleaning it, and ensuring that it remains in good condition.

What is typically included in a regular cleaning?

Keeping a clean home involves vacuuming regularly and ensuring the environment stays organized and clutter-free.

When is the end of the Cleaning/Housekeeper role?

At the time of writing, a decision has not yet been made, but it is recommended to submit applications early.


If you would like to be considered for any of the positions stated above, it is essential that you submit your application before the specified deadline.
Kindly stay tuned to receive early notifications regarding our latest updates on job opportunities.

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